Well here I am sitting in the Houston-Bush International Airport waiting for my final flight of the day that will get me home to Jacksonville.

As I mentioned at the start of this trip – I took Windows 7 on the road with me to put it through its paces and see just how good of a road warrior it is.

I put up one post about the wireless connection process and how much quicker that process is in Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista – passed with flying colors.

I then arrived at my first nights stay at the SEATAC Airport Radisson and again got connected without any issue – two clicks to get connected – another passing grade.

The next day I travelled to NAS Whidbey Island where I had meetings at for the rest of the week and for me this was going to be the real test of Windows 7.  You see, every other time I have ever travelled out to Whidbey Island I have always had to fight to get a WiFi connection.  In fact, it is not just Whidbey Island but any lodging I have stayed in required me to work with ipconfig to get an IP address assigned to my Windows Vista laptop.

When I got to my room I quickly booted up my laptop and within two clicks I was connected and online – a HUGE passing grade from me for Windows 7.

I will get one more try to put it to the test when I travel next week to Brunswick, Maine for some business and will be expecting to use a WiFi connection that has given me similar problems on past trips.

So – bottom line – huge props to Windows 7 and its wireless connectivity tools. As they say “For The Win”!