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Windows 7 and the netbook
Netbooks emerging later this year won’t be so bad, and Windows 7 will run on them, so it’s very possible Redmond will laugh at these dark days a year from
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Windows 7: taming (and tweaking) the beast within
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Considering many haven’t had the best experience with Vista, maybe it’s time to throw together some tweaks to de-glitch some of those things in Windows 7.
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Win 7 Tip: Fix That MSI Installer Bug And Get Apps Running Again
Gizmodo – USA
By Jason Chen , 1:40 PM on Thu Jan 22 2009, 628 views Are you unable to install programs on your Windows 7 beta? You’re probably a victim of this MSI
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Microsoft mulling Windows 7 app store?
Electronista – Santa Clara,CA,USA
Microsoft has issued a survey to Windows 7 beta users that suggests the software developer may create a central repository for downloading and updating apps
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Windows 7 Leaves Vista in the Dust
Wall Street Journal – USA
But the new release that will affect more users than any other will be Windows 7, the latest major edition of Microsoft’s dominant platform.
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RE[2]: IE > XP > Vista > 7
OS News – USA
I don’t know if Windows 7 is measurably less secure than my Linux distro now, but for me Linux still has an aura of security and peace of mind that Windows
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Windows 7…the last hurrah.
CrunchGear – Brooklyn,NY,USA
Windows 7 are her clothes. Docks and bars are her makeup. Gotcha on that one, didn’t I! The rest of you can open your eyes now. It is a sad, sad situation
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Windows 7 Beta 1: Enough with the incrementalism
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Michael Gartenberg January 22, 2009 (Computerworld) The launch of the next version of Microsoft Windows, called Windows 7, is going to be one of the hot
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Windows 7: Worth Waiting For – USA
Until now, that is — now that I’ve downloaded and installed the new Windows 7 beta. Vista looked to be a very different operating system from XP.
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IN BRIEF: Windows 7 Beta Operating System Outperforms Windows Vista.
X-bit Labs – Los Angeles,CA,USA
It looks like the next-generation Windows 7 will be able to run faster than Vista on the same personal computer. “Windows 7 will have plenty of benefits.
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jkOnTheRun » Blog Archive Mossberg: “Windows 7 Leaves Vista in the
windows-7-logo Looks like we’re not the only ones having a positive experience with Windows 7. In today’s WSJ, Walt Mossberg offers a first impression on the beta operating system from Microsoft. He likes the less intrusive warnings and
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Can Windows 7 bring back fans after Vista Failure? : Product have written an article which takes a close look into whether Windows 7 will be able to win back fans after the failure of Microsoft and Windows Vista, read full article by clicking on the source link below.
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Codecs For Windows 7 – Download | A New Morning
A lot of work is being done for Windows 7. BurnAware Free has been released for Windows 7 as mentioned in the earlier post and now I’ve confronted Codecs for Windows 7. Codecs are one of the most important things for a
A New Morning –

MSDN Blog Postings » Blog Archive » Windows 7 – Compatibilidade
Windows 7 – Compatibilidade com o padrão OpenDocument. Posted by on January 22nd, 2009. Quem abriu o novo WordPad já notou a nova interface baseada no Ribbon do Office2007. Mas uma grande novidade é a capacidade de abrir e gravar
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Download Windows 7 Codecs
If you are using the Windows 7 Beta version, then you might need the codec pack for player video formats which are not natively supported on Windows Media.
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