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The week in Microsoft: Windows 7 and Office 14
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
By Emil Protalinski | Published: January 17, 2009 – 11:45AM CT Why Microsoft left Windows 7 unpatched on Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has given an official
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Testing Voice Recognition By Necessity in Windows 7
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
So, I thought I would try to use the voice recognition in Windows 7 Beta. I am using this on the HP 2730p Elitebook Tablet PC, without a headset.
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Windows 7: search your university library from your desktop
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Having Windows 7 is a little more important, but to get you started, you can use this template from here. When playing around with this, be careful because
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Gotta Be Mobile

Windows 7 Resurrects Celeron Desktop
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
With tons of hype and a multitude of screen shots being posted, I was eager to get some hands-on time with the Windows 7 public beta.
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Windows 7, Greatest Vista Ever, Analysts Say
eFluxMedia – USA
Still, as Windows 7 has become increasingly popular since the Redmond giant released the free public beta version of the OS, some analysts started to think
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First Look video: Windows 7 beta
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
The beta of Windows 7 shows off Microsoft’s most innovative operating system in years. Everything from the look to the guts has been overhauled.
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After Weeks Of Gloomy Rumors, Microsoft To Report Earnings
Wall Street Journal – USA
The subtext of Ballmer’s announcement about Windows 7, in which he promised the company would "get it right," was that it would avoid the negatives that
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Windows 7 – Solutii Anti-Virus & Internet Security : Stealth Settings
Tutoriale Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X Leopard & Software Download.
Stealth Settings –

Windows 7 Beta » Solo Technology
As most of you already know, the Windows 7 Beta has been around for about a week now (beta download). If you’re already a Microsoft Windows user there is some interesting stuff here and you might find it worth a look.
Solo Technology –

Web Services Contraptions – Windows 7 on SunRay/VirtualBox
Now bearing in mind that the SunRay system is not exactly targeted at power users for CAD applications, and you will arrive at a the conclusion that Windows 7 Beta 1 under VirtualBox is a logical step from running Windosw XP in the same
Web Services Contraptions –

How to Uninstall and Remove Windows 7 or Vista Leaving Windows XP
If you have installed Windows 7 or Windows Vista on top of current existing Windows XP to make the PC a dual boot system, but now decided to ditch or dump the Windows 7 or Windows Vista partition to revert to the old good classic
Comments for My Digital Life –

Reshuffle the Taskbar Buttons in Windows 7
The more I keep using Windows 7, the more it amazes me with its awesome new features. One of the excellent new features that I discovered recently in Windows.
Sizlopedia –