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Windows 7: A sound of thunder
Windows Vista was not a disaster, you may think it was because you stick to reading sites like slashdot who would never print anything good about Microsoft.
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After weeks of gloomy rumors, Microsoft to report
MarketWatch – USA
Windows 7, in which he promised the company would "get it right," was that it would avoid the negatives that dogged its predecessor, Windows Vista.
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Xpoint Sues Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Others Over Storage Patents
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
Xpoint also claims in its lawsuit that Microsoft infringes on Xpoint patents in its Windows Vista Home, Vista Basic, Vista Enterprise, Vista Business,
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Run Old Windows Apps in Vista… Finally!
Tom’s Guide – Culver City,CA,USA
By Kevin Parrish, published on January 16, 2009 at 12:50 PM Microsoft released a tool that will enable Windows Vista users to run older,
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TechRadar UK

Windows 7: designed for a world in the cloud
TechRadar UK – London,UK
With Windows Vista, and now with Windows 7, that paradigm has fundamentally changed. Both operating systems have been designed and optimised for a world
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USB problem – Windows Vista
USB problem – Windows Vista Community and Forum – Our Windows Vista forum is the place for Q&A-style discussions related to the latest generation of the Microsoft operating system.
DaniWeb IT Discussion Community –

Enabling Stereo Mix on Windows Vista | Coffeestops!
Back when I was still using Windows XP, I had no issues whatsoever finding the option. However, after upgrading to Windows Vista, I was searching high and low for the “Stereo Mix” option! Where could it have gone?
Coffeestops! –

How to Revert and Get Back Vista Style Taskbar (With Label) in
Microsoft includes option to allow users who want to revert and get back the classic Windows Vista and Windows XP buttons-style (or bar-style) Taskbar, which not only displaying the icon for the running applications, but displaying
My Digital Life –

Vista And WSUS Part II ~ IT Professionals
For Windows Vista to obtain updates from a WSUS server, you need to configure the Specify Intranet Microsoft update service location option. Double click this option and click Enabled. In the Set update service for detecting updates
IT Professionals –