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Vista’s flaws surface again on eve of Windows 7 beta – Framingham,MA,USA
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is expected to unveil the Windows 7 beta during his keynote Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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Report: PC makers to provide free Vista-to Win-7 upgrades starting
ZDNet Blogs – USA
In yet another indicator as to the progress of Windows 7, the Tech ARP site reported that Microsoft plans to allow PC makers to offer customers who buy
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Public betas of Windows 7 client and server could hit this week
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Ditto with Windows 7 Server, aka Windows Server 2008 R2. The private Beta 1 release of that product is scheduled for late January 7/early January 8,
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Windows 7’s pleasant surprises
eFluxMedia – USA
By Jay Dougherty Washington – This spring, Microsoft plans to unveil Windows 7 – the successor to Windows Vista – in a public beta program.
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Some very interesting posts from MSDN Blog re:Engineering Windows
Brian Madden – Silver Spring,MD,USA
Some very interesting posts from MSDN Blog re:Engineering Windows 7 that gives a clear indication of what post-Vista might be like? by TechAgility I was
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Five things Steve Ballmer won’t tell you about Windows 7
It’s widely expected that Ballmer will publicly unveil Windows 7 Beta 1, just as Gates used the stage to announce previous Windows versions.
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Windows 7: Federated Search
Windows 7 along with the desktop search, introduces Federated Search in which the scope of the search goes beyond your PC. You can now search for items in remote repositories from your PC. It is based on OpenSearch and the RSS format. / All – | Ballmer to talk Windows 7, not ZunePhone, at CES –
Instead, much of CEO Steve Ballmer’s focus will be on talking about Windows 7 from a consumer perspective. Microsoft is pushing to have Windows 7 done in time for the holiday 2009 shopping season, so that means this CES is Ballmer’s –

Security vendors warn against leaked Windows 7 downloads – Software
With Microsoft Corp. likely to use this week’s CES 2009 trade show to boost interest in its upcoming Windows 7 operating system, security vendors are warning against downloading the recently leaked version that is presently circulating
The Tech Herald Technology News –

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