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Windows 7 better – but by how much? – Sydney,Australia
By John Lister The first major independent tests of Windows 7’s beta edition show it outperforming both XP and Vista. However, the method of the testing
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WMP 12 toxic to certain MP3 files
Several reports from users using the latest leaked build of Windows 7 indicate a potential data corruption issue using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 12.
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Windows 7: The beginning of the end of the "Wintel" duopoly?
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
For the first time in recent memory, Microsoft is set to deliver a new OS – Windows 7 – that isn’t any fatter or slower than its predecessor.
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New Malware Targets Windows 7, Vista SP1 and XP SP3 Vulnerability
Softpedia – Bucharest,Romania
B is a new piece of malware targeting a vulnerability in Server Service affecting all supporter versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows Vista SP1,
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TechFlash | From Mac Tablets to Windows 7: Our Macworld and CES
TechFlash – Seattle,WA,USA
"Realistically the iPhone isn’t an ideal ebook platform. The screen is far too small and the battery life too short. All of the serious ebook competitors
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Touch your PC: HP TouchSmart PC for today and Windows 7 – USA
An added bonus for those who are testing the upcoming Windows 7 is that the hardware supports consumer OS features from improved Media Center to multi-touch
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Microsoft Windows 7: ZDNet’s Like-Hate Relationship | The VAR Guy
ZDNet’s software testers have some nice (and not so nice) things to say about Microsoft Windows 7, the forthcoming successor to Windows XP, reports The VAR Guy.
The VAR Guy –

AeroPeek Puts Windows 7’s Desktop Showing into XP/Vista [Featured
Windows only: A small background app can give XP and Vista users part of the functionality of "Aero Peek," a smart way of previewing windows.
CrazyEngineers Forum –

Featured Windows Download: AeroPeek Puts Windows 7’s Desktop
Not for everyone, especially those inclined toward keyboard shortcuts, but an intriguing attempt at getting yet another one of Windows 7’s features into your Windows desktop. Aero Peek is a free download for Windows systems only.
Lifehacker: Downloads –

Windows 7: Measuring the "superbar"
One of the new things that anyone would notice immediately in Windows 7 is the new Taskbar. Microsoft internally calls it ‘Superbar’. The Windows Taskbar has come a long way since Windows 95 was released. With the help of the Taskbar, / All –

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