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Install The Windows Vista Sidebar In XP
Lifehacker Australia – Sydney,NSW,Australia
Windows only: If you’re in no hurry to adopt Windows Vista but you’ve taken a shine to the Vista Sidebar, Joshoon over at Deviant Art has uploaded a port of
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No Bargains At The Microsoft Store
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Let’s say you want a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, Upgrade Edition. (I know a lot of people don’t want Vista, but work with me here;
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Does Vista Matter? – CA,USA
This new level of protection is probably the most valuable security enhancement for Internet Explorer that you’ll get with Windows Vista.
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Court hears of Windows Vista ‘conspiracy’
TechRadar UK – London,UK
As if Windows Vista hadn’t brought Microsoft enough headaches with its poor performance and the ‘Vista Capable’ lawsuit, it has emerged that the company may
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Microsoft’s Cloud Vision
Redmond Developer News – Irvine,CA,USA
Nonetheless, given the fact that many organizations have bypassed Vista, Windows 7 is likely to play a greater role, observers say.
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Images: Hands-on look at Windows 7 multitouch
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
By adding multitouch tech to Windows 7, Microsoft wants to create an OS that feels different from Vista. A feature-complete public beta of Windows 7 is
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Windows 7 – Is it the successor of Vista?
By Homer
Microsoft being such a big company with TONS of money, which they likey, they want the new Windows to be out before the 2009 Christmas season. I guess Windows Vista was too complicated for Microsoft they just HAD to sit back and watch
Thoughts Uncensored –

Yet another reason why Windows Vista was a disaster area
By Ian Betteridge
If, like me, you bought a Windows Vista upgrade on the day it was released you probably remember the feeling of vague nausea you experienced when you realised that your 18-month old hardware simply couldn’t run the operating system well
Technovia –

Windows 7 Benchmarks: Some Second Opinions
By hardwarehome
Initial reaction to an early report that Microsoft’s Windows 7 might share similar performance and compatibility issues with Windows Vista was mixed and heated. Some lamented the inability of running Vista adequately on netbooks or
Hardwarehomes Blog –