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More Disclosures in ‘Vista – USA
The lawsuit revolves around claims that Microsoft’s so-called "Windows Vista Capable" marketing campaign, promulgated to help keep the bottom from falling
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New court documents reveal internal Microsoft fighting over Vista
TechFlash – Seattle,WA,USA
By Todd Bishop on Nov 13, 2008 at 4:00 PM A new court filing reveals disputes at Microsoft’s highest levels leading up to Windows Vista’s release
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ASRock mobos boot into Vista in 4 seconds – Mumbai,India
You can clean boot to your Windows desktop in just a few seconds, even after a proper shut down. Ever fantasized about booting into Windows Vista in four
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Windows 7 Aero Snap for Vista and XP
Aero Snap is a new feature of Windows 7 which is now you can put on your Windows Vista or XP with the help of AeroSnap. The intention of the creation is to let you manage your desktop windows simply by drag and drop operation.
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Change Folder Background in Windows Vista
Cannot add an image to the background of your folders in Windows Vista? It sucks, but it can be fixed easily. There is a small free utility that enables you to put your favorite image, photo, wallpaper as the background image of any
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Windows Vista Sidebar Tricks
By admin
You can open multiple copies of the same gadget with this Windows Vista Sidebar trick. This can be done by double clicking the gadget icon more than once. If you want to have information regarding two different places,
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Run Windows 7 Calculator In Windows Vista
Everyone thought that this was a much needed improvement to one of the basic utilities that shipped with almost any version of the Windows operating system since Windows 3.11. Windows Vista
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