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Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel
Register – London,England,UK
High-ranking Microsoft and Intel executives were involved in a plan to re-write the Windows Vista Capable program to save both companies – and OEMs
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Microsoft, Intel dealing behind Vista launch detailed
MarketWatch – USA
Anything he knows about the Windows Vista Capable program he learned from executives whom he empowered to run the program and make decisions.
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Microsoft e-mails show ‘Vista Capable’ changes helped Intel
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Gregg Keizer November 14, 2008 (Computerworld) Pressured by Intel Corp., Microsoft relaxed the rules for a crucial Windows Vista marketing program,
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E-mails: Vista specs changed to help Intel
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
"Ultimately, we provided choices to consumers, giving different options for Windows Vista Capable PCs at various price-points to meet their needs.
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PC World

Microsoft Opens Online Store: I’m Not Impressed
PC World – USA
For example, a full version of Windows Vista sells on Amazon for $249.99. Microsoft’s price? A whopping $319.95. Microsoft Office is the same;
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Vista lawsuit spotlights ties between Microsoft, Intel
Seattle Times – United States
Newly unsealed documents in a class-action lawsuit challenging Microsoft’s practices for Windows Vista reveal that a controversial change made in the
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Hands on With the Asustek N10 Netbook
PC World – USA
Asustek is offering the N10 with Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business or Ultimate as well, though I’m not sure I’d try Vista in the device.
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Unsealed docs from Vista Capable class-action suit detail
Seattle Times – United States
documents containing internal Microsoft and Intel e-mails, in the ongoing class action lawsuit against Microsoft over marketing of Windows Vista.
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Windows 7 and Vista Bridge Sample Library 1.3
By Jason
Since Windows 7 is nothing more than the evolution of Windows Vista, the two operating systems manage to share a consistent volume of resources. In this regard, Microsoft informes that the Vista Bridge Sample Library 1.3, which,
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Windows Vista Small Business Assurance now in Canada, SBSCs featured
By SBSC Canada
Windows Vista Small Business Assurance is an offer designed to help small businesses move to Windows Vista with confidence. The offer provides small business customers with free support to help them get the most out of their PCs.
SBSC Canada Blog –

Vista 4 Seconds Boot vs. Windows 7 (15 Seconds)
By Vasu Jain(Vasu Jain)
One of Microsoft’s focuses in terms of the Windows client’s evolution is improving the startup performance. Moving onward, beyond Windows Vista, the software giant is optimizing the boot-process, in order to shave off precious seconds
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PC Tricks & Tips Special Windows Startup Sounds: 3.1 – Vista
By Free Tutorials
This video shows the startup sounds on Windows Operating Systems, from the first ever startup sound on Windows 3.1 to the modern Windows Vista sound. Here is the order in the video. Windows 3.1 Windows 3.11 Windows 95 Windows NT 4.0
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ActiveWin: Frequently Asked Questions /Quick Guide for Windows 7
A: Windows 7 is the official name for the release of Windows that followed Windows Vista and latest version of Microsoft’s Windows client operating system. Windows 7 currently in development, which started immediately after Windows
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