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About those TV ads knocking Vista: Are they unjustified?
Baltimore Sun – United States
Microsoft launched its $300 million campaign not to introduce Vista – that happened 21 months ago – but to shore up the embattled Windows brand.
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Microsoft’s Bid To Control The Cloud
Forbes – NY,USA
The twice-delayed Windows Vista operating system shows no signs of pent-up demand. In fact, many customers are demanding the older version, Windows XP.
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Five reasons why skipping Windows Vista could backfire – Framingham,MA,USA
by Shane O’Neill As organizations weigh what to do with Windows XP OS upgrades, the thought of leapfrogging the much-maligned Vista often comes to mind.
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So, why do you hate Windows Vista?
PC Pro – London,UK
Windows Vista looks destined to go down in history as the latter-day version of Windows ME – an operating system that added some visual fluff to its
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New Microsoft Windows Vista Patch Spurs the Gimmiv Worm to Thrive
Associated Content – Denver,CO,USA
By The Minus Factor, published Oct 27, 2008 Immediately after Microsoft released a new Emergency Windows Vista Security Patch on October 23,
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Microsoft rushes to patch Windows vulnerability, hackers rush to
iTWire – Australia
Users of Windows Vista and Server 2008 do not escape either, as Microsoft has the patch tagged as ‘important’ even for them. Unfortunately, it may be a
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Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta Coming This October
Portal IT – Bucharest,Romania
Microsoft will allow a small group of people to take the first bite out of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 on October 29. The first testers outside Microsoft
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Linux incognito part three: Windows Vista
iTWire – Australia
by David M Williams Here’s how to skin Linux to give a Windows Vista appearance. You can help provide a familiar look and feel to your Windows-trained
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Vista SP2 beta lands next week 12:15PM, Monday 27th October 2008
PC Pro – London,UK
Microsoft has announced that a beta of the second service pack for Windows Vista will be shipped to testers on 29 October. Anybody expecting a bevy of new
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Microsoft bailing on Vista
MyADSL – Melville,South Africa
Microsoft will argue to the death that Windows Vista is not the flop that many analysts claim it to be. They maintain that Vista’s current sales are far
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Details on Windows Vista SP2 emerge
By Michael Stanclift
Microsoft has begun to release some details on the enhancements that they intend to bring with Windows Vista Service Pack 2. As we reported on Neowin last week, Microsoft has released an early beta build of Vista SP2 to testers weighing / All –

Windows Vista – Start Menu – Taskbar – Toolbars – Automatically
By default the Windows Vista Taskbar is displayed on the bottom of your Desktop and remains there as you open new windows and software. This provides one-click access to the Start Menu while working in virtually any Windows application
New Computer and Technology Help… –

Has Windows Vista been the WindowsME of this centry
By David Vasta
With Windows 7 right around the corner and in my 27K PC company with no plans to move to VISTA. I have tried to use Vista and I have not been very happy with it to date. It’s not the best OS out there right now.
System i Blogger –

Connecting Windows Vista Network Share to Ubuntu Intrepid
By Michael Visser
p pI want to be able to access my music library stored on my Windows Vista machine using my wireless connection within Ubuntu, to do this I had to connect my Windows Vista network share as a new network volume on Ubuntu Intrepid.
Visser Labs –

Windows Vista SP2 Releasing Shortly For Testers
By Gagan(Gagan)
We are committed to continually improving Windows, and we’ve been getting some questions about the timing of the next service pack for Windows Vista. Following the success of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 last spring,
84Productions –