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Twelve unnecessary Vista features to disable – Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
… appearance properties for more color options (if you don’t see the option, that means Aero is already turned off). Select Windows Vista Basic and click OK.
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HP extends laptop battery life to 24 hours – Southborough,MA,USA
To get the best battery performance, the 6930p will have to run Windows XP rather than Windows Vista, Microsoft’s latest operating system. …
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FrontRange Solutions Extends USB Security to Windows Vista with …
MarketWatch – USA
DeviceWall 5.0 extends the product’s USB control and data encryption capabilities to PCs running the Windows Vista operating system, giving security …
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Will Vista’s Dark Clouds Mar the Windows 7 Horizon?
E-Commerce Times – USA
Microsoft, of course, is not acknowledging a problem with Vista and enterprises. "Over 180 million Windows Vista licenses have been sold since launch. …
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40 reasons to lose Linux and vote Vista!
iTWire – Australia
It all started quietly enough with iTWire colleague David M Williams writing an article entitled “5 reasons to upgrade from Windows Vista to Linux”, …
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Microsoft offers free Hyper-V stand-alone version – Southborough,MA,USA
On the client side, Hyper-V supports Windows Vista x86 and x64 and Windows XP Professional x86 and x64. Hyper-V is Microsoft’s entry into the crowded field …
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Troubleshoot and restore startup issues in Windows Vista
Hardmicro-fr – Paris,France
To run the Bootrec.exe utility, you must start Windows RE. To do this, follow these steps: 1.Put the Windows Vista setup disc in the disc drive, …
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What could Microsoft bring to the PC hardware business?
Also, let’s not forget Microsoft epic fail when it came to the “Windows Vista Capable” program which was supposed to make sure that PCs sold with XP would …
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How To Tame The Annoying Vista UAC
Connected Internet – UK
Users of Windows Vista go nuts when the screen goes dark during the appearance of the User Account Control window . I personally find it vexing. …
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Best Buy Begins Selling IPhone 3G
PC World – USA
A Windows Vista FAQ Corporate customers are deploying Windows Vista now, and Dell Services wants to help you understand the features of the new OS and how …
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windows Vista email links
By (murraykids)
When I get a link in an email, Vista won’t let me open it. WhenI refer to Windows Mail trouble shooting, it says "go to information bar and click on unlock. The trouble is I don’t get an information bar. It says the bar is supposed to …
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upgraded to windows vista cannot
upgraded to windows vista cannot load my printer and scanner x1270.
FixYa’s Unsolved Problems (In… –

DOWNLOAD: Tools for benchmarking Windows Vista Performance
Interrupt-Affinity Policy Tool; Windows Performance Tools Kit, v.4.1.1 (QFE); Measuring Performance in Windows Vista; Measuring System Resume Performance on Windows Vista; On/Off Transition Performance Analyzer; Performance Tuning …
Kurt Shintaku’s Blog –

Installing MS Office 2003/XP On Windows Vista – Tips and Tricks
By Tech Admin
This might be an old trick but i hope it will still help some people who failed their effort installing MS Office 2003 on Windows Vista. For some reasons, MS Office 2007 might not suit you so that you decide to downgrade, uninstall MS …
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