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XP still outselling Vista – UK
HP has said that it is selling more copies of Windows XP than Vista even though the new operating system even though they are supposedly not allowed to. …
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Medical Director and Vista compatability
6minutes – Sydney,NSW,Australia
Having battled Arnie-style with Windows Vista at home for a full year trying to get everything to work properly – refusing to let it anywhere near the …
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Turn Any PC Into a Media Center
PC World – USA
In fact, if you’re running Windows Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate, you’re set: Microsoft baked Windows Media Center right into the OS. …
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Vista ad campaign puts blame on users
Henderson Gleaner – Henderson,KY,USA
By Justin Williams (Contact) Microsoft has begun a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to reintroduce Windows Vista to the masses. …
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Hacking techniques compromise Windows Vista heap – Needham,MA,USA
By Robert Westervelt, News Editor LAS VEGAS — A researcher says design problems in Microsoft Windows Vista’s memory allocation system could enable …
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Windows Vista delay: Good news for Apple?
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
"HP continues plans to support Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Vista operating system across the company’s consumer and business product lines."
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Apple slammed over programming secrets
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Quinn the Eskimo says: Vista clearly demonstrates that DOS/windows/vista has grown unmanageable by humans. Now, without SP1 Vista, MS is talking about …
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A fix for Windows XP deprivation
National Business Review – Auckland,New Zealand
by Stephen Ballantyne Despite everything Microsoft has said, do you still wish you had kept Windows XP instead of switching to Vista? …
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Nikon pulls out all the stops for its latest enthusiast compact
CNET Crave Blog – USA
Unlike NEF, NRW is compatible with Vista’s Windows Imaging Component codec API (also available for Windows XP SP2 via .NET), which makes using the raw files …
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Windows XP Still Outselling Windows Vista
Slashdot – USA
In a survey reportedly conducted by a systems management appliance company, 60 percent of those surveyed have no plans to deploy Windows Vista and 42 …
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Windows Vista Tips and Tricks: Checking Out the Metadata in …
By Jack Dunning
Checking Out the Metadata in Graphics Files While in many environments a special program may be necessary to read metadata from a file, Windows Vista has the reading and editing of this information built-in.
ComputorEdge Online – General Edition –

Windows Vista Is Great
By Zooropa(Zooropa)
The transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista is rather a challenge initially but it’s very impressive undoubtedly with the nice display and Direct X 10 feature. But the main reason why our boss decided to upgrade to Windows Vista is …
Life Is Mysterious –

Exchange System Manager for Windows Vista
By Elan Shudnow
Must be installed on Windows Vista or Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). The following must be installed by a user who has Administrative rights. Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Administration Tools Pack or Windows Server 2003 R2 …
Elan Shudnow’s Blog –

Windows 7 DirectX 11 Tessellation
By Jason
DirectX 11 is heading for both Windows 7, the next iteration of the Windows client, and for Windows Vista. As was the case with DirectX 10, version 11 will not be backported to Windows XP, even though Vista’s predecessor is still the …
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Windows Vista SP1 – First impressions
First impressions of using Windows Vista.
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