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Reports: Intel to Skip Vista Upgrade
OS News – USA
Intel’s IT department “found no compelling case” for upgrading to Windows Vista. Reader comments are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for them in …
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Intel Decides To Partially Adopt Windows Vista
RedOrbit – Dallas,TX,USA
The Intel spokesman said the chipmaker would be testing and deploying Windows Vista only in certain departments with no concrete plans to implement its use …
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Don’t Panic: You Can Still Buy XP After June 30
PC Magazine – USA
Here’s the bottom line: Online retailers like, which made headlines discounting OEM copies of Windows Vista by as much as 50 percent as …
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Windows XP Support Extended Until 2014
TrustedReviews – Bracknell,England,UK
“”Our plan is to deliver Windows 7 approximately three years after the January 2007 general availability launch date of Windows Vista,” Veghte admitted. …
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Intel not adopting Windows Vista
Desktop Review – Cincinnati,OH,USA
Windows Vista will not be adopted across most of the computers used by the company’s 80000 employees. Intel is a longstanding partner of Microsoft, …
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Vista Service Pack Patched
PC World – USA
Microsoft has released a reliability update for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) that fixes several bugs in the OS update, including one that threw off …
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Microsoft says no repreive for Windows XP
ComputerworldUK – UK
Many OEMs, including Dell and HP will continue to offer the older operating system as a ‘downgrade’ option from Windows Vista. Veghte touted that approach …
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Windows Vista Won’t Be Inside Intel
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Paul McDougall Computers running Windows Vista might have “Intel Inside”, but Microsoft’s newest operating system won’t be Inside Intel. …
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Intel pursues narrow Windows Vista rollout
Reuters – USA
“We are testing and deploying Windows Vista in certain departments,” the Intel spokesman said. The decision by Intel is the latest setback to Vista, …
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From XP straight to Windows 7: doable with planning – Southborough,MA,USA
There are good reasons for an enterprise to upgrade to Vista and good reasons not to. Fortunately, enterprises really do have that choice, …
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Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 x86 – 10 in 1
By admin
Windows Vista SP1 RUS-ENG x86 -10in1- Activated (AIO) contains 10 russian and english activated versions 32bit(x86): Windows Vista Business SP1, Windows Vista Home Basic SP1, Windows Vista Home Premium SP1, Windows Vista Ultimate SP1, …
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Intel Skips Vista Altogether
Processor maker Intel is saying pass to Windows Vista, SP1 or no SP1, delivering a heavy blow to Microsoft. Service Pack 1 is a traditional milestone which catalyzes a boost in the adoption rate for Windows operating systems. …

Even Intel wont touch Windows Vista
By Colin DiPonio
Sometimes I get paranoid that my own experiences with Windows Vista may be jaundiced. I have installed it about 25-30 times and cant get passed a week without a severe crash even on SP1 on brand new hardware. …
Colin DiPonio – Computer Consultant… –

How to fix steam protocol problems in Windows Vista
By farid
As some of you may already know, Osama had some problems running Steam under Windows Vista. He was frustrated and gave up on fixing it. I went over to his house couple of nights ago and decided to take a look at this Steam problem. …
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Moving to Windows Vista? Upgrade to FileMaker 9!
Microsoft will discontinue sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008. If you plan to move to Windows Vista, now is the time to upgrade to Vista-compatible FileMaker 9 and take advantage of our special upgrade offer with an instant rebate!
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