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Vista ‘Inevitable’ at Work, Analyst Says
PC World – USA
Although a “significant” number of corporations are hesitating to move to Windows Vista, businesses should bite the bullet because Microsoft Corp. is …
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Troubleshooting Windows Vista – Mumbai,India
The problem occurs due to the fact that Windows tries to “Auto-Detect” the type of folder that you are viewing. This is a great feature for most of us, …
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Windows Vista Extreme Edition SP1 With Office 2007 SP1
By masuk
Windows Vista Extreme Edition SP1 With Office 2007 SP1 – 3.92 GiB Setup Options ( Boot Menu ), Type 1 to install vista, Type 2 to start recovery wizard and Type 3 to run command prompt. You will get this menu when you boot this vista … –

A New HP Special Edition + Windows Vista…
By Astra
We walked over to Best Buy where the prices were a little less discouraging and the salespeople a little more helpful, and I played the ‘helpless idiot girl’ act and got the salesman to tell me the basics of the new Windows Vista stuff …
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Vista BUG : Windows Vista allows deletion of Recycle bin
By Dipeeka(Dipeeka)
Microsoft created Windows vista as most secure,powerfull Operating system software but still have few bugs like this, really strange. This may be possible that Microsoft has given Deletion of recycle bin as one of the feature !! we cant …
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How to use an old 15 pin gamepad or joystick in Vista
Windows Vista users may be disappointed that there is no driver support for the old game port (the 15-pin port, often located on a sound card). This means that any old gamepads and joysticks that connect using this port would normally …
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How to disable mouse acceleration in Windows Vista SP1?
By ÐìÈñ
But after I updated to Vista SP1, it does not work anymore. I’ve asked all around but still no solution there. Can anyone do me a favor that how to disable MOUSE ACCELERATION in Windows Vista SP1? Thanks very much.
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