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2011 Microsoft Zune MVP, gamer, music & tech journalist, beat-maker, Editor of enConnected.com, and host of enConnected Live.

Windows Phone App Flow: Tips for Finding Great Apps

[Editor’s Note:  Many thank to Travis for bringing his unique sense of humor and app finding skills to this column since November 2011.  I hope you have all enjoyed the 45 columns as much as I have.]...

Windows Phone App Flow: What’s the Super Bowl?

With the 2012 Presidential Election in our rear view mirrors, and the North Korea crazy talk river finally starting to crest, it’s time we turned our attention back to the task at hand: outfitting yo...

Windows Phone App Flow: Your Questions Answered

After the positive feedback we received from last week’s edition of Windows Phone App Flow involving some of my favorite weather applications I received a ton of questions. Instead of doing the usual...