Microsoft Enhancements to SkyDrive Connect Office for Mac To Your Cloud Storage


Were you aware that the updates in the recent SkyDrive App Preview for Mac OS X Lion really bring together your cloud storage across OS X, the PC and the iPad?

According to a Microsoft spokesperson here are some of the key features:

  • Access Files and Office Docs Anywhere: How customers can access any file from anywhere (not just certain photos and iWork files).
  • Share and Work Together with Anyone: No need to ensure that your coworkers have specific software.  Customers can collaborate on Microsoft Word and Excel documents anywhere with anyone using Office Web Apps.
  • Access your Notes Anywhere: With OneNote and SkyDrive, customers can share and access their notes from anywhere on any device.
  • Move your iDisk files to SkyDrive: How to quickly and easily move your iDisk files to SkyDrive and access them from anywhere on any device.

Microsoft has prepared a few resources to help Office for Mac users to take advantage of this cloud based storage across multiple platforms.

iCloud not enough? Try SkyDrive

Move from iDisk to SkyDrive

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