Games For Windows Live On Demand Service


Games for Windows Live now has a free client that can be downloaded on your PC. Because Games for Windows Live shares the Xbox Live network you can communicate with your Xbox Live friends right on your PC.

This is a nice feature if you quickly want to see who is online or send a message.  You can now download full versions of game and demos via the Games for Windows Games on Demand service.

As a tip to our readers, a free game called Tinker can be downloaded and give you the opportunity to get an easy 200 achievement points for your Xbox Live account.

The Games for Windows Live Client can be downloaded here.

11 thoughts on “Games For Windows Live On Demand Service

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  2. Microsoft Games for Windows Live is a fail because, no, you can not chat with or send messages with your friends, or even see IF you have any friends, or if they’re online or offline, unless you are inside a game, playing it already.

    Yes, the marketing says you can, but of course because it’s Microsoft — who have no reason to tell you the whole truth of their fractured product lines and lack of commitment to PC Gaming — they totally fail to tell you the WHOLE truth.

    And it’s very important that you know that there are two nearly identical looking labels on games: Microsoft Games for Windows, and Microsoft Games for Windows Live. Guess which one of those supports Xbox live features and guess which one doesn’t?

    • Isaac Steinberg May 3, 2010 at 5:51 PM -

      Eli Juicy Jones,

      Thank you for the reply and the points you made. I am primarily a console gamer and a bit surprised at the shortcomings of the service you mentioned especially considering how well Microsoft has done with Xbox Live.

      I remember back when Shadow Run came out it was suppose to be a promising game allowing Xbox Live and PC gamers playing in the same game and match. To me that sounded like a great idea, but your right, that was 3 years ago. If now they only have 32 games that are Games for Windows live, that is certainly a let down.

      Thanks for helping us me get the facts right. Look out for a future article where I will go more in depth in comparisons between Games for Windows Live and Steam.